Water Quality Testing Services

Water quality analysis for detecting & monitoring Legionella in hospitals and other healthcare facilities is a key service offering.

When the proposed ASHRAE standard 188 for legionella prevention in commercial buildings is adopted, legionella monitoring will be required in many commercial buildings.

School buildings and campuses are particularly vulnerable to water quality issues, including elevated lead levels.  The fact that school facilities are routinely not in use during summer vacation, holidays ,and weekends, places their drinking water more at risk for unhealthy levels of bacteria, lead, copper and other contaminants.  Healthy-Interiors has a proven track record assisting school facilities managers, contractors, plumbers, and local health departments,  with professional testing & monitoring services to ensure that schools are provided with safe & healthy drinking water.


  • Legionella /ASHRAE-188 Compliance
  • Potability, Bio-Contaminants, Lead, Heavy Metals