Water Quality Testing Services

Water quality testing & analysis for Legionella & other bacterial contaminants in healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and schools is a key service we offer .


Under current widespread occupancy restrictions due to COVID-19, the risk of for Legionella contamination in closed water systems has increased. Buildings that have been shut down & unoccupied for extended periods of time are particularly vulnerable to amplification of Legionella, Pseudomonas, NTMB* and other bacterial contaminants in unused water lines.

Engineering & Maintenance Staff need adequate time for rigorous flushing & treatment of closed water systems before buildings can be re-opened. This includes Government,Commercial, Office, School Buildings. Testing & monitoring all potable water is recommended as part of the safe return to operating status.

ASHRAE standard 188-2018 , Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems establishes minimum risk management requirements for building water systems.

The condition of the incoming supply water, as well as the complexity of many water systems inside  buildings can allow a myriad of bacterial contaminants to accumulate, create biofilms, & amplify within the water systems.  Safe operation and maintenance of building water systems requires scheduled monitoring for Legionella, & other bacterial contaminants to protect those using the water.

 Secure Environmental provides testing and monitoring services & plans designed specifically for your building’s operations so that safe, clean water is delivered.