Environmental Infection Controls

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 Experienced,  professional support is available to assist Healthcare Facilities with TJC (The Joint Commission) compliance for Infection Control , Healthcare Associated Infections* (HAI) prevention ,management strategies, and engineering control validation.

Surface, air, & materials testing and analysis can usually be provided within 24 hours of an environmental infection control event or suspected contamination.

The USP 797

Secure-Environmental Healthy-Interiors is an experienced provider of USP 797 air quality testing & monitoring,  specifically required for TJC (The Joint Commission) compliance in healthcare pharmacies.

Current requirements from the latest USP 797 revisions  for testing , establishing physical & pressurized barriers, filtration, and   ACH within the  prep & compounding areas, have become more stringent.  Secure-Environmental provides assistance to meet these demands, reduce penalties, and receive full reimbursement from CMS .

 Legionella Risk Management for TJC & ASHRAE Std. 188

Secure-Environmental has over a  decade of experience  providing Legionella testing & monitoring programs for healthcare facilities, a Joint Commission requirement, and part of the new ASHRAE Standard 188 for low rise buildings. A system wide Legionella Risk Assessment is a service we provide forclients as part of our monitoring program ,targeting  high risk  areas within domestic water lines.

UVGI for Infection Control

Secure-Environmental has been utilizing UVGI (Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation) for Surface & Water Disinfection,  & Air Treatment in healthcare and commercial buildings for more than 16 years. 

Including   UVGI  technology as part of the Environmental Infection Control Strategy in healthcare adds predictable and continuous microbial control and reduces equipment bio-load.

Secure-Environmental  President Mary E.Clancy  is a former Chair and a committee member of  the IUVA**  Air Treatment Committee since it was created in 2004. She  participated in the crafting of ASHRAE standard 185, and is  currently Co-Chair the IUVA HAI* Group.

Healthcare Construction Services

Healthcare construction & renovations requires specialized contaminant control & monitoring. Secure-Environmental  Healthy-Interiors works  diligently with hospital  Infection Control & Engineering Departments monitoring airborne particulate loads, evaluating air flows, and pressurization to maintain containment & barrier integrity during construction projects.

*HAI- Healthcare Associated Infections.

** IUVA International Ultra Violet Association


  • USP-797 Compliance Testing
  • Contaminant Level Testing & Control
  • Legionella Testing
  • Ventilation Studies
  • Ultra-Violet Disinfection