Indoor Air Quality Services


Today, the Quality of our Indoor Air is more critical than ever!

COVID has made Indoor Air Quality a daily concern for all of us.  Concerns about  the  spread of  COVID  from infected persons through airborne droplet nuclei has shut down schools, businesses, churches, & economies.

Masks & social distancing are mandatory  in most states in the US  & countries across the globe. The toll has been enormous, physically, psychologically, & economically.

Knowledge of infection control, characteristics of air flow & ventilation, and the movement &  thermal dynamics of air borne particles, is required to provide effective guidance & solid solutions so we may safely resume our lives and activities.

  • Indoor air is affected by level of occupancy, air distribution & ventilation efficacy,  utilization, furnishings, material, & building maintenance & hygiene.
  • These factors affect the level of contaminants, including the bio-load, & the degree /time of contaminant exposure in the air we are breathing.

Secure Environmental  provides air &  surface testing for bacteria, mold, allergens, and other contaminates in healthcare facilities, businesses, & homes.

  • We utilize best industry practices  in all sample collection environments.
  • We use state of the art  instrumentation for IAQ measurements and for collecting, & preserving samples.
  • Secure Environmental employs only the highest credentialed and certified environmental laboratories to conduct all of our sample analysis.

Measuring & identifying contaminant levels,identifying the source, & providing safe, cost effective solutions to provide Healthier & Safer Indoor Environments is our mission.